Do you know if your email address been compromised? Has some someone guessed your super secret password? You know the one that you kept simple so you would not forget it.

If you want to know for sure check out this website where your email address can be checked against a list of cracked email addresses that have been publicly posted on the web.

Don’t worry your email address will not be added to any lists and your test is entered over a secure connection, note the https at the beginning of the URL.

If you find out your email address is on the list you need to immediately change your email password. And if you do change it be sure and make it secure, not easy, you don’t leave your front door open to make it easier for a burglar do you?

Make sure your passwords include letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and special characters. And make it at least eight characters long.

That means password123, changeme, abc123, etc. are not good options. And yes these are passwords people actually use.