If you are like many people getting and staying organized is not easy. And with most of us running here and there all the time how can we stay focused, organized, and effective? One solution is to “Remember The Milk”. That’s right, we all have used a simple list of things to do while we are out and about, like remembering to stop buy the market for milk on the way home.

With so many people connected via their computer and smart phones we need an updated version of the market to do list. Enter RememberTheMilk.com. This online service lets you create your to do lists and access them wherever you are. Since it is an online application you can access it from home or work. There are also apps for all of the popular smart phones like the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and  Blackberry. It can also sync with Google’s email and calendar applications.  You can get email or text messages to remind what you are supposed to do and when.

They have a free version as well as a paid Pro version for only $24 / year.  So the next time you feel like you need to tie a piece of twine on your finger to not forget an important task, try out RememberTheMilk.com.  Maybe I’ll see you at the market.