MailChimp, our recommended email system, is now super-powered with their new 5.3 release. Below are the salient upgraded features. And did we mention they are still free for up to 1,000 subscribers and 6,000 emails per month? If you need assistance in creating or integrating email and social networking marketing into your business be sure and let us know.

  1. Social Pro is free until March 2011.
  2. AIM Reports which give “who did what” stats are now free.
  3. Freemium Plan expanded to 1,000 subscribers from 500 and 6,000 emails per month from 3,000!
  4. Add Facebook Comments to Emails. Add the Facebook comments button, and your subscribers can keep the conversation going.
  5. Klout Scores analyzes your twitter and facebook accounts and rank your influence.
  6. Like Button enhancements allow you to insert the URL that you want “liked.”
  7. Tweet Button – Campaign archives will include the “Tweet this” button, and you can insert a tweet this merge tag into your campaigns.
  8. Signup forms, thank you pages, and welcome emails are more elegant and simple. A new button in the signup form creator will automatically design your signup form for you (it pulls in CSS and color settings from your website). Also signup forms are now optimized for mobile display (they’ll auto-zoom on iPhone and Android).

Happy online marketing.