Anyone that has heard me speak about technology more than once has probably heard me say “backup early, backup often”.

For those among us that do not want to backup our data in the public cloud, but want to have the reassurance that our precious data has a chance of surviving a disaster I have a solution for you.

The ioSafe product family. The ioSafe 218 and 1517 Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems can fill the bill for onsite data disaster recovery.

ioSafe uses Synology motherboards and the Synology operating system, my favorite choice for NAS systems.

The ioSafe 216 is a dual drive unit with up to 8GB of mirrored storage in the base configuration and the ioSafe 1515+ with 5 drives in its base configuration can store as much as 24TB in a RAID 5 setup.

Both systems feature:

  • Fire protection for up to 30 min at 1550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Submersion in up to 10 foot of water for 3 days

So if your business or home burns to the ground or is inundated with a massive flood, or even the water sprinklers going off in your office, your data will be protected.

2TB of disaster proof redundant storage start at $999 with 32TB of Raid 5 storage setting you back $4599.

A small price to pay if you need or want to keep your data safe and local.